>>The future of sun protection

The future of sun protection

How will we protect ourselves from the sun in the future?
Can we enjoy all the benefits of exposure to the sun while still protecting our skin from potential damage caused by its rays?

The answers were given at the “Sun Protection Conference 2017”: the most important scientific event in Europe dedicated to sun protection. The conference held at the Royal College of Practitioners in London on 6 and 7 June.

The main theme of the 2017 conference was the search for the right balance between sun exposure and protection.

“Sun Protection Conference 2017”

The conference saw the participation of internationally renowned speakers, academics who study what happens when our body comes into contact with UV rays, and professionals specialised in developing, testing and experimenting with sun products.

They were joined by members of the Unifarco Biomedical team, the only attendees at the conference representing Italian manufacturers.

Important research trends emerged during the two-day event in London and will lay the foundation for the future work of the Unifarco Biomedical R&D team.

Nanoparticles and their effective filtering power

One of the main talking points was filters containing nanoparticles: this new technology is set to revolutionise sun protection because of its effective filtering power and high compatibility with the skin. Recent research shows nanofilters guarantee high protection against all the sun rays (not only UVA and UVB, but also IR) without penetrating the skin surface.
This solution offers ultra-high protection while still being ultra-kind to skin.

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