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What are Scars?

Scars are areas of fibrous tissue that form when a wound (due to either pathology or trauma) heals. They are mainly a result of excessive and irregular proliferation of the fibroblasts in the deep dermis that produces abnormal amounts of collagen.


Keloids are large scars that can develop after an initial skin trauma.

The main causes are body and ear piercing, very serious acne scars, burns and surgical scars.


When they first appear, keloids seem like nothing more than raised scars: smooth, hairless and shiny. At this early stage, they are dark red in colour due to them containing a large number of blood vessels. Most keloids grow irregularly for weeks or months; becoming pink and thicker in consistency.

Affected areas

Keloids can form in any area of the skin where an abrasion or wound has occurred.


Non-invasive therapy using silicone gel is recommended for keloids. The gel must be applied immediately after any stitches have been removed and when the wound has closed completely.

Always apply sunscreen with the correct SPF and a physical screen when going out in the sun.