Dry Skin

Skin Feels Tight And Uncomfortable

What is Dry Skin?

Dry skin is the first sign of a breakdown in the skin barrier, resulting in one’s skin becoming less resistant to external agents and easily irritated.


Environmental, climatic (aggressive cleansing, sudden changes in temperature, humidity, sunlight) and constitutional (age, hormonal imbalance).


The skin is rough, peels easily and feels tight, especially after cleansing and in particular weather conditions (cold and dry weather, wind, UV rays).

Affected areas

Where the skin has been exposed to the external environment and in areas with low sebum secretion (hands, legs, arms).

  • Rebuild the skin barrier by using emollient and cleansing products free of fragrances, preservatives, metals (nickel, etc.) and other allergens;
  • In cases of itchy skin, use soothing, emollient products which are easily applied and absorbed;
  • Wear silk and cotton clothes.
  • Using extremely foamy cleansers and soaps;
  • Neglecting to use moisturising and emollient creams after bathing.
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