>>>How does barrier repair work?

How does barrier repair work?

Ceramol is the barrier repair treatment

Basing its research on the early studies of Dr. Peter Elias, who investigated the role of barrier lipids, and on his “bricks and mortar” model, Unifarco Biomedical developed, and then in 2005 patented, Ceramol 311: a dermatological product which contains the essential epidermal lipids which problematic skin lacks.

Ceramol is the barrier repair treatment because only the 311 patent can contain all three classes of essential epidermal lipids – ceramides, cholesterol and fatty acids – in the right proportion, supporting the best possible structure of the lipid “cement” of the epidermal “wall”.

Thanks to a special carrier, which is an integral part of the patent, Ceramol 311 helps essential lipids to penetrate deep down where they are needed.

Ceramol creates a long-lasting and deep-down barrier

Unlike other common emollient products whose protection can be removed by cleansers or mechanical agents, the products in the Ceramol line penetrate, leading to longer-lasting effects.

They are suitable for all age groups: from young children, who are the most frequent sufferers of skin irritation, to the elderly, for whom dry skin may be a problem.

Ceramol helps normalise skin conditions. Thanks to Ceramol, the “surface building blocks” send fewer danger signals to the deeper blocks resulting in them maturing in a gradual, more regular manner.

The Ceramol line’s products can be used to treat the most common skin conditions known to alter the skin barrier.