The Causes

of Inflamm-aging

The causes of inflamm-aging can be external or internal. External causes include environmental exposure (UV rays, pollutants, chemical irritants). The more the epidermal barrier is damaged and the more sensitive and fragile the skin, the more harmful they can be. Then there are internal aggressions which affect the different cells in our body: these imbalances are caused by physical and mental stress, unhealthy diets, hormonal imbalance, and pharmacological treatment etc.

For people who are prone to skin conditions, or those that have particularly sensitive skin, the early onset of inflamm-aging can be triggered along with external and internal stresses, leading to premature skin aging. The vital mechanisms of the deeper layers of skin are altered and some typical signs of advancing age soon appear, such as discoloration and dark spots, loss of elasticity and tone, as well as thin, deep wrinkles and dull, dry skin.

The skin barrier is no longer able to provide adequate protection, leading to widespread or more localised irritation, discomfort and the feeling that the skin is tight or burning.