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This website does not provide online healthcare services and/or telemedicine and therefore any advice given to users does not represent in any way a medical consultation in the strict sense.

The content published on this website is provided for purely informational purposes regarding health-related matters. This content does not constitute in any way a medical consultation and in no circumstances is the information contained herein intended to be a substitute for a consultation, medical examination or diagnosis or constitute recommendation for medical treatment.

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While UNIFARCO BIOMEDICAL makes every effort to ensure the information provided on this Website is updated, it cannot give any guarantees, and shall not be liable for the accuracy, updating, completeness, adequacy and timeliness of the information contained on the Website. It shall not be held responsible for any damage, including damage caused by computer viruses, which the equipment of Website users may incur through accessing and/or using the Website or downloading its content.

On the Website pages dedicated to “The Expert Answers”, UNIFARCO BIOMEDICAL shall not be liable for the accuracy, updating, completeness, adequacy and timeliness of the information, and shall not be obliged to answer users’ questions. It also declines all responsibility for the content and information published in this section of the Website.

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UNIFARCO BIOMEDICAL reserves the right to interrupt or suspend the functions of the Website at any time and this shall not be construed as acceptance of any liability, if this is done as a consequence of acts or omissions on the part of UNIFARCO BIOMEDICAL or third parties.



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The information on this Website may be downloaded, viewed and printed for personal use only, on condition that all details of the intellectual property rights on the material downloaded from the site are kept and reproduced.

Without prejudice to the previous provision regarding the strictly personal use of the content on this Website, any other use of the content on this Website is forbidden and it is also forbidden to copy, reproduce, distribute, transmit, disseminate and modify any content on this Website without the prior written consent of UNIFARCO BIOMEDICAL. In particular, it is forbidden to copy the software programmes which allow this Website to operate, create programmes similar to them, source and/or use the source code of the abovementioned programmes.

UNIFARCO BIOMEDICAL accepts no liability for breaches of third-party rights by visitors/users arising from improper use of the material contained on the site. Visitors/users undertake to hold UNIFARCO BIOMEDICAL harmless against any claims, damages, liability, legal proceedings and any other prejudicial consequences that may arise from the improper use by the visitor/user of services involving discussions, exchanges of opinion, sending, transmission and similar supplied by the site. Purely by way of example, the foregoing applies to any actions relating to and/or connected with breach of copyright, trademarks, patents, protection of intellectual and industrial property, unfair competition and defamation.

With the exception of the information referred to in the Personal Data Protection Code, any data other than personal data communicated or transmitted to UNIFARCO BIOMEDICAL through the Website (including suggestions, ideas, drawings, projects, etc.) shall give UNIFARCO BIOMEDICAL the unlimited and irrevocable right to use, reproduce, show, implement, modify, transmit and distribute and, in general, to freely use this non-personal information. Communication of said information shall automatically grant its assignment, without charge and with every right and power, to UNIFARCO BIOMEDICAL.



If UNIFARCO BIOMEDICAL detects a breach of the provisions of these terms and conditions of use of the Website, it shall be free to take corrective action, without any prior notice, including excluding the visitor/user from accessing the site and its services and removing all material posted on the Website by the said visitor/user, without accepting any responsibility in the matter.

It is strictly forbidden to send defamatory, obscene, slanderous or otherwise illegal messages. UNIFARCO BIOMEDICAL will cooperate with the authorities and promptly comply with provisions aimed at identifying persons who commit a crime when sending material to the site.



The expression “personal data” used in this Legal Notice (and in the Privacy Policy section of the Website) means all the information which may be used to identify, directly or indirectly, a natural person or legal entity. UNIFARCO BIOMEDICAL will process the personal data provided by visitors/users only upon receiving their consent, except for current legislation which allows use without consent.

When processing personal data, UNIFARCO BIOMEDICAL undertakes to comply with Italian Legislative Decree No. 196/03 and subsequent amendments and with current applicable Italian legislation regarding the protection of privacy, as explained in the Privacy Policy posted on this website.



Access and use of the Website are governed by Italian law.

Any disputes between UNIFARCO BIOMEDICAL and third parties regarding access and/or navigation of the Website, or caused by them, shall be settled by Italian law and the Law Courts of Milan.




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